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Many are interested in the field of Art Therapy. The misconceptions are numerous, and the resources are scarce. Easy to find misguiding online junk, and difficult to find a good book in our libraries.

Artichoke Studio will be opening its doors to students, professionals, and anyone interested in knowing more about art therapy. You’re welcome to pick a book from our small library, read a chapter or two, inquire about a specific topic, discuss your academic and professional path, or maybe create some art with a cup of coffee. Our art therapist will be there to guide you in answering any questions you may have about the field.
* Please note that books can not be checked out.

Saturday, February 17 and Saturday, March 03
It’s an open studio, from 9:30-11:30am. You can pass by and leave anytime at your convenience.
Contributional fee is 5,000LL per person.

Art therapist present on these dates: Myra Saad – MA in Art Therapy & Mental Health Counseling.

For more info: , 03 545281.



Art & Drama Therapy - group for adults


art&$drama final
This intensive 12-sessions group offers a safe non-judgmental space to express yourself in a playful and creative approach, examine your thoughts and emotions, and reflect on your needs and hopes. Guided by 2 qualified professionals in the fields of art therapy and drama therapy, you will be engaged in corporal/theatrical and visual expression within a therapeutic process. As the sessions build-up on each other, you will start to explore new ways of perceiving yourself, your abilities, and your challenges.

You do NOT need to have any experience in any form of creative expression to participate and benefit.

Confidentiality is highly respected.

12 sessions over 6 weeks from Feb 20 to March 29
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:30-9:00pm
2 payments of $200 each, all materials included.

* Please note that places are limited and registration is due by Sat, Feb 17.

Sessions co-facilitated by:
Myra Saad – M.A. in Art Therapy & Mental Health Counseling
Wissam Kotait – M.A. in Clinical Psychology & M.A. in Drama Therapy

For more info and registration: 03.545281 ,



Art Therapy Group for Children


children group- spring 2018
This is a 10 sessions art therapy group for children aged between 7 and 9 years old, offering safe space and individual time for their self-expression and healthy development.
Through art making and play, the children will have the chance to express their emotions, fears, and needs that are often not verbally expressed. Guided by a qualified art therapist, they will be creatively exploring ways to understand their emotions, cope with anxieties, build up their confidence, and develop their communication and social skills.

Confidentiality is highly respected.

10 sessions over 3 months - March to May 2018
Saturdays 9:30-11:00am (Time can be scheduled depending on those interested.)
2 payments of $175, art materials included

* Places are limited in order to meet the children's individual needs.
For registration please contact , 03 545281.

Sessions lead by:
Myra Saad - M.A. in Art Therapy & Mental Health Counseling (Lesley University- Cambridge, US)



Individual One-On-One Sessions


Individual one-on-one art therapy sessions for children, adolescents and adults by appointment.
For more information please contact Myra Saad at or 03 545281.