What We Offer


Artichoke Studio is a registered limited liability company in Lebanon (RC 1021332 Beirut) that is dedicated to offer:

- Private art therapy sessions for individuals and groups, guiding the participants to gain self-awareness and learn new ways to deal with personal challenges and/or mental health disorders.

- Consultancy services such as workshops and projects in collaboration with different local and international organizations targeting specific populations and dealing with particular issues, such as war trauma, addictions, domestic violence, gender equality, youth empowerment, community building, etc.

- Training of trainers for using visual art and creative tools in psychosocial support.


Selected previous projects operating under the direction of Myra Saad:

War Toys Project (2014-2016-2017)
- Collaborating with toy photographer Brian McCarty in his War Toys Project in Lebanon, using principles of play and art therapy to gather and articulate children’s accounts of war.

See more: War Toys Project, Slate blog, SBS article.

ACT For The Disappeared and Abaad (2015)
- Psychosocial support group sessions aimed to alleviate the families’ emotional isolation and empower them by participating in a collective effort to remember their loved ones and restore their rightful place in society in creating a communal memorialization art project.

See more: HayKhabriyeh article

Cedar Rehab (2014)
- Weekly art therapy sessions for adult males dealing with addiction.

- Creating a module of extracurricular art activities to be applied in Lebanese public schools, under the direction of the Ministry Of Education.

War Child Holland (2013-2014)
- Art therapy sessions as part of psychosocial support for Syrian and Palestinian refugee children in Lebanon aged 8-14 for building resilience and life skills.
- Training of trainers working in Syria with children affected by war on “Using Creative Art Tools In Psychosocial Support”.

Abaad (2011-2013)
- Caring for care providers specifically to those working with victims of GBV through art therapy sessions.
- National training on "Playing For Gender Equality"

Catharsis (2011-2013)
- Art therapy sessions in a psychiatric hospital for adults suffering from mental disorders.
- Art therapy sessions with inmates in Lebanese prisons.